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Sharon Heidelbach 
Midwife in Witten and Bochum

My range of services include:

  • Antenatal care 

  • Postnatal care

  • Postnatal exercise 

Location for care:

  • Witten

  • Bochum

  • Herne


As midwife my aim is to provide woman-centered care, competent advice and holistic strengthening and encouragement for pregnant women and expectant families. 

Woman-centered care

Every expectant family has its own individual questions and needs around the topics of pregnancy, childbirth and puerperium. In my care, I want to honor and work with people’s individual needs.

Competent advice

I want to walk with pregnant women and (expectant) families, advising them so that they can make their own decisions. My aim is to increase a family's competency, equipping them on their own individual journey.

Holistic strengthening and encouragement

Within a trustful and safe care relationship, I want to bring physical and emotional wellbeing to (expectant) families and accompany them with a woman-centered focus. 

My concern is to help (expectant) families tap into their own resources, equipping them to navigate through the various challenges ahead.

Capacity for antenatal and postnatal care

Starting with due day in March 2023

I am currently out of capacity?

The Central Office of Midwifery of ASB Bochum is supporting families in finding a midwife.

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